Arena Residence / 交響に住まう (2014)
Daito Trust Construction 2nd Leased Housing Competition, 第2回大東建託賃貸住宅コンペ, winner 2014

Leasing is a concept that includes public nature.Referring to the arena, which is a type of public building that has been used for thousands of years, we propose a new rental apartment with a rich public space. On the ground floor, there is a space in the center that is designated as the living room open to all residents and guests, a kitchen for common use and private rooms around that. As the floor goes up, these private rooms set back to the edge. In the atrium, events such as watching movie or an exhibition can be held for not only the residents but also for the locals. By seeing what the others are doing in the center, residents can play a role like players and spectators. This creates a unity with everyone in the space, including local residents who occasionally visit here. This proposal augments the public nature of the rental apartment by using the form of the arena.